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Andulela is a Xhosa word that loosely translated means “to be first”.

About Us

ANDULELA IT CONSULTING is a newly established ICT company founded by Charlie Page. As the sole director of the company, this micro enterprise is 100% black-owned and therefore recognized as an empowering supplier with a Level One B-BBEE procurement recognition in terms of the DTI Codes of Good Practice.

Charlie spent literally all of his working life in the ICT sector – in fact the last 30 years were spent in various ICT capacities in Government ICT. Since 1988 his career highlights included the following “to be first” achievements:

  • First Non-White to be appointed as a Workstudy Practitioner in the then Cape Provincial Administration;
  • First Chief Systems Analyst to be appointed in the then House of Representatives;
  • First Provincial ICT Manager of the Northern Cape Province post the new democratic dispensation;
  • First Black Director: ICT to be appointed in Central Computer Services Division of the Department of State Expenditure – now National Treasury;
  • First Provincial Manager: Western Cape appointed by the State Information Technology Agency (SITA).

In September 2003 Charlie resigned from SITA and registered his first consulting company called Andulela Communications (Pty) Ltd. During the period 2003 and 2009 he consulted to the following companies:

  • Continuity SA: Developed a marketing strategy for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity into the Public Sector and securing their first contract into government for a Business Continuity Assessment and Plan at the Western Cape Government;
  • Software Futures: Developed a marketing strategy for software solutions into the Public Sector and also secured them their first project in Government;
  • Sourcecom (Pty) Ltd: Consulted as Managing Executive at the time when the company was trading in liquidation and managed to keep the company afloat for a further two years;
  • B’smart Systems Solutions: Established a South African entity for this Malaysian- based company that specializes in Vehicle & Fleet Management Solutions;
  • ASAP now PDIT: Served as Operations Consultant for company that specializes in Integrated Security Management Solutions.

He rejoined SITA in 2009 again as the Provincial Manager for SITA in the Western Cape.

Key Achievements

  • Managing the implementation of the Western Cape Government Broadband Project as a first of its kind nationally. At the time of his retirement at SITA in December 2017, Charlie fulfilled the role of WCG Broadband Program Manager for SITA and at the time successfully delivered on Phase I of the 10-year project. This entailed the development of a Provincial Broadband Network consisting of 26 Municipal Points of Presence (POPs), with 10 Gbps core backhaul links connect these POPs to the SITA core network and connecting of 1 960 sites at minimum access link speeds of 10 Mbps that included all schools, clinics, hospitals, public libraries and all provincial government offices in all 26 of the Municipalities in the Province.
  • Establishing the SITA business in the Western Cape under very challenging circumstances in 1999 at a time when Government in general were very reluctant to outsource ICT services to SITA. Again, when he rejoined SITA in 2009, the Western Cape Province submitted a formal request to the Minister of Public Service to discontinue its relationship with SITA. Focusing on stakeholder and customer relationship management with improved service delivery as the catalyst, SITA Western Cape has managed not only to retain the ICT business of the Western Cape Government but managed to increase its business with the Province by close to 400% within 5 years.
  • 2004 to 2007: Managing to build an ICT Infrastructure from a virtually zero base in the Northern Cape to a position where all the key government offices and buildings were connected throughout the whole of the Province and about 2 000 users were connected to service the communities and particularly those in the rural areas of the Northern Cape.
  • 2005: Initiating a Premier’s project called “One-Stop-Shops” in the Northern Cape whereby the various government services from national, provincial & local municipalities could be aggregated under one roof utilizing ICT and business process engineering.
  • 1997 to 1998: Part of the Working Committee consisting of senior officials from DPSA, SAPS, DOD and CCS developing the business and operating models for the newly established SITA and presenting same to the Public Service Portfolio Committee in Parliament for approval and enactment of the SITA Act, Act 88 of 1998.

Andulela’s Growth Strategy

In his previous experience in the private sector between 2003 and 2009, he learnt the hard way and it became quickly clear that as a micro enterprise in the ICT services business it is very difficult and almost impossible to compete with the bigger corporate ICT companies for ICT service opportunities. This time around the Andulela strategy to grow its business is centered around the following:

  • Engaging with other ICT companies to augment their services capacity and where required to develop and establish these service practices. In this regard Andulela has contracted with Sintrex to establish and develop Project and Service Management as a service offering in their Service Portfolio;
  • Alignment with the Internship Programs of companies to mentor potential Project Managers, Service Managers, etc.
  • Forming alliances and collaborations with other SMME’s to formulate cooperatives so that we strengthen the SMME base and response to client’s requirements;
  • Sub-contracting and partnerships with large ICT companies on projects. In this regard Andulela has an agreement in place with Obscure Technologies to develop a competency in ICT Security Services as part of Obscure's SMME Enterprise Development Program
  • Positioning Andulela as a preferred service provider on similar Broadband projects and other related similar infrastructure projects.
  • Advisory capacity to Government and in particular Provinces on Provincial Broadband Initiatives.

The intention is also to grow the company at management and director level by on-boarding others, and particularly, the youth to ensure longevity and continuity in Andulela.

Services Portfolio

Andulela’s key focus and business activities can be summarized as follows:

"Andulela IT Consulting focuses on the provision of ICT Management Services that ensures that projects, solutions, products and infrastructure are delivered on time and at the agreed cost and quality"

Besides the wealth of experience, Charlie gained in Government ICT over the years, he developed a solid understanding of the ICT value chain both in the commercial and public sector and have built relationships and networks with clients, vendors and suppliers in both these sectors. At the same time, he also developed a comprehensive understanding of government’s strategic programs, objectives and expectations as well as the key business drivers.

What really enticed him to start up this micro enterprise is the learning experience he gained over the last three years on the Western Cape Broadband Project. Yes, even at this late age he was capable to engage with commercial legal experts during the contract negotiation process, with client and vendor executive management on pricing and service delivery issues and even technocrats during the project delivery phase. As a result of this experience he identified the following service areas as key success elements in the management of these complex projects:

  1. Project/Program & Portfolio Management;
  2. Service Delivery Management;
  3. Service Management;
  4. Vendor Performance Management;
  5. Contract Management.

During his tenure as SITA Provincial Manager in the Western Cape for the period September 2009 to May 2014, he served the WCG in the following capacities and ICT spheres as part of the services SITA was rendering based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) underpinned by a formal Business Agreement between the two parties:

  1. ICT Management Services: This included the full spectrum of services such as Technical Management Services, Application Support Services, Contract Management, Hosting Services, WAN and LAN services, Program & Project Management, Quality Management, Service Delivery Management and SLA Management. All of these services were either directly provided by SITA or through one of its business partners. In this regard Mr Page was ultimately accountable for the delivery of all of these services and participated in all the governance structures of the WCG where he had to report on the service performance and SLA metrics.
  2. ICT Governance & Compliance: In rendering and managing all the services referred to in paragraph 1 above, it was also his responsibility to ensure that all these services are subjected to and comply with the relevant standards, policies and regulatory frameworks.
  3. Business Planning & Development: As the most senior representative of Sita in the Western Cape, Mr Page was almost always consulted by the WCG when there were new services and innovations that are being piloted. In this regard it was expected of him to consult internally and provide inputs and directives for these initiatives. At and ICT strategic level, Mr Page was appointed by the Director General to serve on the committee that were developing and assessing the ICT Blueprint for the WCG. He also served on other ICT strategic forums such as the WCG Central ICT Committee that formulates ICT policy and standards.

Andulela’s current engagement is with a company called Sintrex (Pty) Ltd assisting the company to develop Professional ICT Services with Project and Program Management the key focus. The company specializes in Network & Application Performance Monitoring as a service and has developed its own solutions in this regard.

Andulela has also partnered with Obscure Technologies (Pty) Ltd for ICT Security Services as part of their SMME Enterprise Development Program

Strategically, the focus is on availing these consulting services to both Government and other ICT companies and in this process, assist them to establish a project management culture in their organizations and also to manage their projects and programs successfully.


Andulela is a newly-established company hence the references are essentially based at a personal level:

Name Position Telephone Contact Email Contact
Lance Williams Former Provincial CIO: Western Cape Government 0834099274
Portia Matsena Head of Department: SITA WC 0833813493
Adv Brent Gerber Director General: Western Cape Government TBC TBC
Reggie Jooste Regional Sales Manager: Liquid Telecoms (WC) 0832635665
Adrienne Kotze Executive Director: Sintrex (Pty) Ltd 0832696725
Ivor Daniels Director: Obscure Technologies (Pty) Ltd 0799698698

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